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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Maybe the biggest time killer ever

I'm adding Dark Roasted Blend to my blogroll tonight and it must neccesarily go in the "These I Can't Read at Work" list because, 1st, its a huge time killer to sort through all the fun categories like America in the 30s & 40s: Pulp Fiction Comes Alive-Highlights of industrial and urban photography and 2nd, because the base netork filters block all the hundreds of pictures that are on this site.

This website is jam packed with wacky cars and trucks, pictures of women in car advertisements from both the US and Europe, vintage airline stewardess photos and adverts, and pictures of a guy's efforts to turn a Boing [ed: who writes this stuff?] Boeing 727 into his permanent home. I'm telling you, there is a more weird pictures and articles on this website than any I've seen in a long while.

So if you've got a minute or two, or an hour or more, check it out.

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